Get to know your tailgater:

Rich: Powerful Attorney by day - Men's Warehouse model by night. Who wouldn't want him fighting a case for you. Just look at him!

Scolly "The Beer Man": enjoys long walks in the parking lot, and cuddling up by the fire pit. Check him out at the next tailgate; he's the one putting out the vibe at the bar.


Not only does Scott work tirelessly on every aspect of the tailgate, he still has time for a real job. Everyone congratulate Scott on his award for Eastern League Executive of the Year. He’ll be receiving this award on Dec. 3rd in Nashville, but he’s not flying out until after the tailgate on the 2nd. That’s why he’s on top of his game. If there was an Executive of the Year for Tailgating you’re looking at him.

Still waiting for the Eagles to have Fergie & the Black Eye Peas for halftime entertainment. It's a one man petition, but I can feel it picking up speed.